Our employee Mr. Lee Britton is always providing outstanding, warm and empathetic service as he mans the very busy front desk year round at our hotel.

On August 9, an elderly couple travelling from South Carolina, arrived off the Clipper Ferry from Seattle. Now they are 85 (Sara) and 88 (Ben) and the sweetest couple you’ll ever have the pleasure of encountering. It seems they had such a lovely time on the Clipper ferry, met some other nice travelers, bought a bottle of wine……and Mrs. P became extremely “wobbly”. Mr. P arranged a wheelchair to get her off the Clipper but then was in quite the dilemma as to what he could possibly do to get his lovely wife to our hotel, fortunately only a few steps away.

He walked over, explained the situation to Lee, and Lee immediately called a cab for them both to go back to the terminal. They got Mrs. P into the cab and back to our hotel. Lee paid for this taxi himself! Lee deposited Mrs. P onto our lobby computer chair with wheels, and rolled her into the elevator and up to the room! Make a note – he rolled her backwards so she would not tip off the chair!

This lovely couple were SO grateful, and so extremely lovely and gracious their entire stay. They loved Victoria, and our friendly people, and anytime they met me in the hallway they said “In South Carolina we hug” and a handshake was out of the question – you got a hug.

They asked me to be sure I shared their story and I asked if I could go ahead and nominate Lee for his wonderful act of kindness. They were thrilled. We’ve all made friends. This is typical of our Lee. He truly provides heroic hospitality.